Release Notes

September 14, 2022


We added new features to invoices based on your requests and feedback:

  • You can now add a tax percentage to your line items and explicitly display them in your invoices.
  • When creating line items, you can now save them as a template to reuse in your future invoices.


September 1, 2022


With this release,

You can now filter your classified transactions based on their classification and also sort them from oldest to newest.


August 2, 2022


Hi all,

We keep improving the app experience for you.

With this release, you can split your spending transactions into multiple categories. To split a transaction:

  • Tap on any spending transaction to go to the Details screen.
  • Choose Split as the Expense Type.
  • Choose any category you want for each split item.
  • Enter the dollar amount for each split item.
  • Tap Save.

You can also create rules to split transactions. To create a rule:

  • Tap on any spending transaction to go to the Details screen.
  • Tap on Create Rule.
  • Choose Split as the Expense Type.
  • Choose any category you want for each split item.
  • Enter percentage amounts for each split item.
  • Tap Save.

Whether you choose to split your Home Office related spending or not, the Profit and Loss report and the Expense Details report will show the prorated amount (Your home office area percentage) of your total spending for these types of expenses.


July 8, 2022


With this release, you can take a photo of your receipts (or upload them from your photo library) and attach it to your existing transactions in Lunafi.

  • Tap on any spending transaction to go to the Details screen.
  • Tap on Add Receipt button.
  • You can choose a photo from the library or take one with your camera. *
  • Tap Save to attach the receipt to your transaction.

* You need to grant necessary permissions on iOS to use this feature.

June 2, 2022


Hi all,

We are so excited to share this update with y'all. It's an exciting one. With this release... πŸ₯, we introduce Invoicing.

🧾 Professional looking Invoices. You can easily create an invoice by entering your client's information, line items, and a payment method.

πŸš…Β Clients & Line items & Due Dates.Β You can choose line items you frequently put in your invoices and see your recently billed clients. You can enter a due date for your invoices.

πŸ—“οΈΒ Send & Schedule & Save as Draft.Β You can save your invoices as a draft and send them when they are ready to go or schedule invoices to be sent later.

🏦 Payments. You can securely save your banking information and share it with your clients for wire transfers.

πŸ”Β Preview.Β You can preview your invoice before sending it.

πŸ””Β Payment Reminders.Β You can set up to four payment reminders to be sent to your clients until you get paid and mark your invoice as paid.

⏺️ Record Payments. You can mark your invoices as paid and match them with an earning transaction from your connected bank accounts.

πŸ‡¨Β Duplicate Invoice.Β You can create a new invoice by duplicating a previously created one to avoid redundant work.

βš™οΈΒ New Profile Information.Β You can add your phone number and a business name to your profile settings to use in your invoices.

The Accounts tab is moved under the Menu.

That's it for today. Hope to help you with your invoicing needs.

April 16, 2022


While using the Pie Chart view for your business and personal spending on the Finances tab, you can now tap on the categories to see the transactions making up that category.

April 1, 2022


We made it easier to access your profile.

January 28, 2022


Hi all, This release introduces a complete new UI as well as new features.

πŸŽ›οΈ New, customizable Home Dashboard. The new Home allows you to look at your business’ financial vitals at a glance. The new Profit progress chart displays your profit on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Click on the Settings icon to change the order of the tiles or hide them.


🎯 Income Goals. You can now set an Income goal for the year and track your progress towards your goal. We will show you estimated taxes calculated for your goal too.


πŸ“Š Finances tab. All the detailed insights you need for your business reside on this tab. You can see your earnings, spending, and profit in yearly, quarterly, or monthly breakdowns compared to previous cohorts. The Spendings tab will show you your top categories and merchants for personal and business. Tap a category or merchant item on List View to see the transactions that make up the total amount. Click on the date Title in the top left corner to change the time frame.


πŸ” Search Transactions. You can search a transaction by its name to quickly locate them if you know which transactions you want to classify.


🏦 Business Accounts. If you have a dedicated business checking account and credit card, this feature is for you. Tap on the account listed on the Accounts tab and turn the Business Account switch. All of the earning transactions and most of the spending transactions will be classified as business automatically. You will save a lot of time from classifying them manually.


πŸ›’ Personal Spending Categories. If you track your personal spendings in Lunafi, you can now see their breakdown by Spending categories. To see your top categories use the Finances tab. To change a spending category for a transaction, you can either click on the category on an Unclassified transaction card or tap into the detail screen of any spending transaction.


🧾 New Tax Tab. You can see your estimated tax breakdown by Federal Income and Self Employment Tax. Use the Tax Profile section to complete your tax questions so that Lunafi can calculate more accurate estimates.


πŸ‘₯ User Profile. Click on the Menu to add or change your name to the app. You can also change your profession here.


September 21, 2021


With this release, you will better understand your tax liability with the new detailed breakdown card and how Lunafi calculates estimated tax savings per transaction. You can also filter transactions by Earning vs. Spending.


August 4, 2021


You can now manually add transactions for your cash earnings or spendings. Go to the Transactions tab and use the + button to add your cash earning or spending transactions.


June 21, 2021


You can link your accounts under Capital One bank.


May 1, 2021


Improved guidance for new users to start classifying their transactions.


April 4, 2021


We made it easier to change or assign a tax category for a spending transaction before classifying it as a business expense. We don't want you to set a category every time you classify an uncategorized transaction. You can save your preferred tax category for transactions with a similar transaction description. You can see what percentage you can deduct for each category.