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See real-time tax views, uncover possible write-offs, and manage your business and personal finances in all one place. Start today and save $5,000+ on taxes – it’s free!
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Art Director

“The thing I dread most about freelance is doing my taxes. Before Lunafi, I was drowning in spreadsheets and disorganized bank statements. Now I can track all my earnings and transactions seamlessly through the app, with an easy, up-to-date view of the estimated taxes I’ll owe.”


Social Media Specialist

I use Lunafi to track my income and its a huge weight off my shoulders when preparing for tax season. Track income, expenses and get a personalized estimate for your tax liability. Ideal for the full-time employee with a side hustle.


Squarespace Designer

“Lunafi helps me on a daily basis record and track my expenses. I love having a central viewpoint into my day to day business finances in an easy to use app. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to better manage their finances.”

“Lunafi has made it as easy as clicking a button or creating a rule so the app will automatically classify certain expenses to organize my finances. I can see a real-time breakdown of my profits and estimated taxes so I feel more confident knowing where I stand financially.”



“Lunafi has been an extremely helpful tool to track my finances throughout the year and prepare for taxes. The simplistic and approachable layout of the app makes it enjoyable to use and easy to gather information at a glance to stay organized.”

“Lunafi has helped me manage my income and expenses regularly instead of the typical scramble to review everything at tax season. The interface makes it easy for me to understand how I do financially on a daily, quarterly and annual basis. Highly recommended for all independent contractors!”


Brand Manager

“As a new freelancer, the one thing I have been warned about over and over again is making sure to save money for taxes at the end of the year while self-employed. I hadn't found a tool that would help me do this so simply until Lunafi.”

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Your work and life
in one place

Managing your business and personal finances in one place is a challenge. Use Lunafi to connect your checking and credit card accounts securely to manage your expenses and business income.

Real-time 1099
tax views

Stop guessing how much you’ll owe for taxes each year. See your estimated taxes owed for your 1099 self-employment and federal income taxes for your freelance business.

Uncover possible

No matter how experienced you are as a freelancer, hidden business expenses are difficult to discover. See possible write-offs personalized to your profession.

Save time by
creating rules

Avoid unnecessary manual work by creating rules for your regular business expenses to automatically classify upcoming transactions.

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