How To Invoice As A Freelancer

Lunafi makes invoicing for your freelance business so simple, you will stop using templates or manually managing your invoices immediately. You will save hours from admin work time to focus on what actually matters for you. Start using Lunafi invoicing today and easily create and manage professional-looking invoices for your clients in less than a minute.

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Professional-looking invoices increase your credibility. You can easily create an invoice by entering your client's information, line items, and a payment method. You can send your invoice immediately or schedule it for a later time. Not sure when you will finalize the work? You can always save your invoices as a draft.


It's the hardest when it comes to tracking due dates for your invoices and sending payment reminder emails to your clients. You can easily set a due date for any invoice for freelance work and choose among preset payment reminders. Put your freelance business on auto-pilot with automatic payment reminders and let Lunafi do the dirty work so you don't have to deal with it.


as paid

It's essential to see a view of your earnings by a client breakdown and record the payment history for each client. You can mark your invoices as paid and attach a transaction from your transactions list to track your business earnings and see how much you are earning from each client.

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