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Freelancers or self-employed individuals are responsible for various aspects of managing their operations, including administrative tasks, billing, meetings, and business development. A professional business invoice can distinguish your company and promote organization for your business operations. 

Need a template for your detailed invoices? We've got you covered. 

Invoice for free and save time on administrative tasks while focusing on growing your business. You can use our editable self-employed invoice template. Download it below and personalize it by adding your invoice details. You can save it as a PDF and send it to your clients via email.Send professional freelance invoices in seconds. View a sample invoice below following a professional invoice design.

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Invoicing Tips for Self-Employed Individuals 

Invoicing is an important part of running a successful self-employed business. It may seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and strategies, it can be easily managed. Here are some tips to help you get started with invoicing as a self-employed person:

1. Invest in an Invoice Template – Investing in an invoice template can save you time and money by streamlining the invoicing process. If you’re using time-tracking software, you can even customize your invoice with all the necessary information, including taxes and discounts.

2. Set Payment Terms – Setting clear payment terms is essential to ensure that you get paid on time. Offer payment options such as credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer so that your clients have various ways to pay you.

3. Ask for a Deposit – If the project is long-term, it’s advisable to ask for a deposit upfront. This will help ensure that you get paid for your time and services.

4. Follow Up – It’s important to follow up on outstanding invoices if you don’t get paid on time. Don’t be afraid to send friendly reminders or chase up overdue payments.

5. Stay Organized – Keeping organized and up-to-date records of your invoices can help you stay on top of your finances. Make sure to keep copies of all invoices that you have sent out as well as any payments that you have received.
With the right tools and strategies, invoicing can be made easier for self-employed professionals. Try Lunafi today and take the hassle out of invoicing!

Why Use a Self-Employed Invoice Template

If you're just starting your business, you probably do manual invoicing like most new freelancers. You don't yet have the revenue to pay for accounting software or other tools. It makes sense to use an invoice template to make the process a little easier to manage.

• Save yourself time by reusing the same template.
• Give your invoices a consistent, professional look.
• Make it easier to list the services and associated pricing when creating an invoice for a client.
• Ensure you don't forget any important information or details when creating an invoice.

What a Freelance Invoice Template Should Include

Your invoices must include several essential components to ensure the client understands what they are being billed for and how to make payment. A good invoice template should have all necessary information in a logical, easy-to-follow order and include the following:
• Your business name and contact information
• The client's name and address
• A unique invoice number
• The invoice date
• The payment due date
• Description of services provided with detailed prices and associated fees
• The total invoiced amount, including applicable tax
• All necessary information for making a payment

Some templates also provide fields for notes to clients or the ability to include other required invoice information that might be unique to your business. Make sure the template allows you to create a professional-looking invoice with all the necessary invoicing and payment details. You don't want clients asking you how to pay an invoice or for clarification on the services being billed.

The Next Step To Simplifying Freelance Invoicing

A freelance invoice template can save you a lot of time when starting your business and help you maintain a professional appearance. However, invoicing for freelance work can still be tedious and hard to manage, even when using a template. Once your business is generating some regular revenue, consider trading in your invoice template for an invoicing tool.

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