5 Reasons to Choose an Invoicing Tool Over Freelance Invoice Templates

July 20, 2022
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New freelancers often have to be cost-conscious. It costs nothing but time to create or download a freelance invoice template to generate and send your invoices manually.

As you build your business, your time becomes more valuable. While you might not think your manual invoicing system is taking that much time, it likely is. Here are five reasons it is time to consider trading your invoice template for an invoicing tool.

E-Invoicing software will save you time

Creating invoices may get you paid, but you aren't earning while creating and tracking invoices. Since the software stores all of your client information, you can quickly retrieve it as necessary. The time saved can be time spent earning more money.

A Freelance invoice template can't send out due reminders

Your invoice template won't track overdue invoices and automatically send payment reminders to your clients. Invoicing software allows you to automate this process, staying on top of past due clients for you and reducing the chance an unpaid invoice will fall through the cracks.

An Invoicing tool reduces errors

Sending out an invoice with errors can be embarrassing. When using e-invoicing, you don't have to worry about crunching numbers or, worse, making a silly math error. Since the software will store client data, you can also reduce the risk of sending a client an invoice with their name misspelled or some other typo that can paint an unprofessional picture of your business.

E-Invoicing software can allow you to manage invoices on the go

A mobile invoicing app means you can catch up on your invoices wherever and whenever convenient. Quickly address these tasks between client sessions and while in the waiting room at the doctor's office. Invoicing is much less of a hassle when you can stay on top of it.

An Invoicing template can't help you stay on top of taxes

Imagine how convenient it can be to get an estimate of your tax liability for every payment you collect. A freelance invoice certainly can't do that, but the right invoicing tool can.

Lunafi can help you with all of these things

Lunafi makes managing your invoices simple, saving you a lot of time – time that can be better spent building your business rather than managing your business. Lunafi invoicing can do some of the following tasks for you and make the others easier to manage:

  • Create invoices to send immediately or schedule for later
  • Input frequently-used invoice line items that can be quickly popped into invoices
  • Set invoice due dates
  • Save invoice drafts
  • Save your banking information for client payments by wire transfers
  • Preview invoices before sending
  • Set up payment reminders to be sent to past due clients
  • Easily mark invoices as paid and match them with banking transactions
  • Create new invoices by duplicating a previously ones
  • See your estimated tax liability per invoice

To find out just what our e-invoicing software can do for you, try Lunafi invoicing for free for 30 days. You may find you no longer have use for those freelance invoice templates.

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