The Future of AI at Lunafi: Revolutionizing the Financial Experience for Self-Employed

November 3, 2023

As the Lunafi team, we're committed to helping self-employed professionals simplify and automate their finances. That's why we're harnessing the power of AI to revolutionize the financial experience for solopreneurs and microbusiness owners by making it more personalized.

Chat with Lunafi AI

We are excited to announce the launch of Lunafi AI, your personal financial assistant. Lunafi AI is an AI-powered chatbot that answers any questions about your finances, providing customized insights and recommendations. This launch represents our next step in removing the limitations of traditional dashboards and delivering a truly intelligent financial experience.

Below is a recap of our previous AI-enabled capabilities:

Maximizing Write-Offs with AI

Ensuring you claim all eligible write-offs is core to the Lunafi experience. Our AI-powered Business Write-Off Recommendation Engine analyzes your transactions and suggests personalized deductions based on your profession. Whether you're a social media influencer who can write off camera equipment or a rideshare driver who can deduct mileage, our technology identifies up to 9x more eligible write-offs you may otherwise miss.

Tax Guidance

Navigating the confusing world of self-employment taxes and financing can be frustratingly tricky without guidance. Our Tax Genius AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT instantly answers all your freelance tax and financial questions.

The future of finance is AI-powered - more automated, effortless, and limitless than ever. At Lunafi, we're committed to leading this revolution and equipping self-employed professionals with AI capabilities that unlock new levels of financial control and confidence.

Get ready to elevate how you manage your freelance finances? Stay tuned!

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