Invoice for Freelance Work: 8 Mistakes Freelancers Need to Avoid When Invoicing

June 15, 2022
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As a freelancer, invoicing is an essential part of your business. Generating an invoice for freelance work may seem like a mundane and time-consuming task, but it is crucial to create invoices for clients and keep track of payments to ensure you get paid on time. Neglecting this aspect of your business can result in costly mistakes that could lead to losing money, time, and clients.

If you are new to freelancing or treat invoicing as an afterthought, you could be making mistakes without even realizing it. The good news is that there is a solution to make invoicing a breeze for freelancers - Lunafi. The more your business grows, the more time you should spend on invoicing, and the more costly mistakes can become. 

Here are eight invoicing mistakes that you should avoid to save time and money, along with a solution that can help you overcome them:

1. Failing to Number Your Invoices

It’s crucial to have a useful system for finding and tracking your invoices. Each invoice should have a unique identifying number, allowing you to locate and track it quickly. With Lunafi, you can auto-generate sequential Invoice IDs for easy tracking.

2. Forgetting to Add a Due Date

Some clients may not pay on time if the invoice doesn’t specify when payment is due. Ensure to add a due date to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing situations. Lunafi allows you to add due dates to invoices with preset or custom values.

3. Not Sending Your Invoice When Work Is Complete

Create effective invoicing procedures or use an automated system to ensure that you never forget to send invoices. With Lunafi, you can auto-send invoices or send them at a scheduled time.

4. Failing to Itemize Your Services

When you perform multiple services for a client, ensure to break down each service on the invoice. This will save your clients the inconvenience of requesting an itemized invoice and save you time in the long run. With Lunafi, you can itemize your services easily.

5. Not Following Up When Payment Is Late

Keep track of outstanding invoices and follow up with clients to avoid delays in payment. Lunafi automatically sends payment reminders.

6. Sending Invoices With Errors

Errors on invoices can make you appear unprofessional and cause inconveniences for clients. Ensure to double-check your invoices and use an automated system if necessary. Lunafi generates professional-looking invoices.

7. Having Unclear Pricing of Items or Services

Ensure that the pricing and descriptions of products and services are consistent and clear on every invoice you send. Lunafi allows you to customize pricing by item, quantity, or hourly rates by service.

8. Sending an Unprofessional Invoice

A poorly designed or error-ridden invoice can make clients question your professionalism. Ensure to generate professional-looking invoices to create a good impression. Lunafi generates professional-looking invoices.

How to Write an Invoice for Freelance Work

Now that we’ve discussed the common mistakes, let’s take a look at how to write an invoice for freelance work.

Include your contact information

Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address on the invoice. This will make it easy for your client to contact you if they have any questions.

Add the client’s information

Include the client’s name, address, and phone number on the invoice. This will ensure that the invoice is properly addressed and that it gets to the right person.

Detail the services you provided

List the services you provided to the client, along with the date and time of service. If there were any additional fees or expenses, make sure to itemize them in the invoice.

Specify the payment terms

Clearly specify the payment terms, including the payment schedule, amount, and method of payment. This information should also be included in your contract or agreement with the client.

Provide instructions on how to pay

Include instructions on how to pay the invoice, such as where to send the payment and the deadline for payment.

Add a note of thanks

It’s always a good idea to add a note of thanks to your invoice. This will show your client that you appreciate their business and will help build a positive relationship.

Try Lunafi Today

Rather than trying to remember how to write an invoice for freelance work and check each element for mistakes, consider using Lunafi. The invoicing tool offers a hassle-free and straightforward solution to manage your invoices effectively. With Lunafi, you can:

  • Auto-generate sequential Invoice IDs for easy tracking
  • Add due dates to invoices with preset or custom values
  • Auto-send invoices or send them at a scheduled time
  • Itemize your services easily
  • Automatically send payment reminders
  • Customize pricing by item, quantity, or hourly rates by service
  • Generate professional-looking invoices

Download the Lunafi app today and start sending professional-looking invoices to your clients in no time.

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