Invoice For Freelance Work With Lunafi!

June 2, 2022
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For freelancers, getting paid on time is as tricky as the guesswork of their taxes. It requires a lot of admin work time to create and send an invoice for freelance work. Not necessary to mention sending payment reminders to those clients who are getting less communicative when it comes to paying for the work.

According to a recent survey conducted by Independent Economy Council, 60% of the participants still use manual methods for invoicing, either by filling templates or creating invoices from scratch. This can be time consuming, especially if you don’t already know how to invoice as a freelancer.

As Lunafi, our mission is to eliminate all the financial frictions, including how to invoice as a freelancer. That's why we have been working on providing an easy way of mobile invoicing for some time. As of today, our users can use the new Invoicing feature.

Here are the highlights of our latest feature.


Unlimited number of invoices

We provide an effortless way to create professional-looking invoices on mobile and send them immediately to your clients. You can schedule invoices for future dates or save them as draft.

Payment reminders

We know it's never been easy to communicate with your clients about payments, and we want to make sure you are getting paid on time. You can set payment reminders and let Lunafi send reminder emails to your clients.

Track your freelance income

Once you get paid, you can mark your invoice for freelance work as paid and match them with the earning transactions in the app. On the Finances tab, you will see your income with a breakdown of your clients.

How to invoice as a freelancer : See your tax estimation

You can see your estimated tax portion for every payment you receive and plan to save accordingly, avoiding all the tax surprises during the tax season.

Lunafi invoicing is available to all Lunafi users. Download the app to start automating your invoicing workflow today.

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