2021 in review at Lunafi 📈

December 20, 2021

It has been just over a year since we launched the Lunafi mobile app in the AppStore. During this time we’ve been working hard to eliminate finance-related headaches for self-employed contractors and freelancers.

We helped freelancers from all industries

Thousands of freelancers started using Lunafi to track their business financials and tax estimations. From a variety of professions including designers, content creators, film & video producers, and more. Here are the top 10 professions that chose to use Lunafi as their accounting tool.

Top 10 Professions

When we dive more into the data, Accountants, Art Directors, Marketers, and Real Estate Agents are making the highest earnings. 7% of Lunafi users who track their income in the app earned more than $87K in 2021 with 47% working with one of the top 10 national banks in the US.

Top 10 Professions among Lunafi users

1. Rideshare/Delivery Driver

2. Consultant

3. Healthcare Worker

4. Hair Stylist

5. Cleaning / Housekeeping

6. Marketer

7. Business Owner

8. Accountant

9. Sales Representative

10. Goods Maker & Seller

Lunafi users' average income tracked

More than $3M in deductibles

One of the biggest challenges for a freelancer are the unknowns of the U.S. tax system. We helped our users to itemize their business spendings resulting in more than a $3M total deduction. Rideshare and delivery drivers write-offs Vehicle expenses the most as expected. Meals are the top business expense category for Consultants.

Top 10 Business Expenses 

1. Meals

2. Vehicle

3. Materials & Supplies

4. Dues and Subscriptions

5. Software

6. Bank Fees

7. Telephone

8. Travel

9. Computer Expenses

10. Website Costs

Top 10 Business Expense Categories

Side hustling is on the rise

More and more people are trying to start their own business. Before taking this full-time leap they first start by working on their side hustle. 13% of Lunafi users state that they have a W2 job and income.

When it comes to finding gigs, freelancer marketplaces are a popular way. Thumbtack, Freelancer.com, and Fiverr are the top platforms that our users use. For their online business they choose Etsy.

Finally, among all our users, the ones using Lunafi regularly are getting the most benefit. 9% of regular users are using the app daily, whereas 72% of them use it monthly.

Are you just starting your freelance business or paying for a tool that you don't get the most out of? If so then now’s the best time to start using a new financial management tool. Feel free to try Lunafi and see why freelancers love it.

Disclaimer: Numbers presented in this article are from January to December 15, 2021.

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