Email Marketing for your freelancing business

November 22, 2021

Around 2.5 Billion people worldwide use email. Email marketing is THE tool to build relationships with potential and current clients. Email marketing gives you the chance to directly speak to them, in their inbox. One of the main perks is that it’s an easy and effective (and also very inexpensive) way to reach a large number of people with barely any costs.

How to get started with a newsletter

Start by  building an email list. That's really going to help you with selling your products/ services and your business. Email marketing is an amazing tool to stay in touch with people that are interested in them. Start by chatting with your audience and go from there.

Topics to write about

Depending on what people are interested in, you can split your newsletter into multiple sections. If you work in social media, you could give updates about the latest Instagram updates and how to use those effectively for your business. If you are a travel blogger making a living as an influencer, you could use your newsletter to hype certain blog articles of your latest travel. This helps in increasing the amount of viewers your blog can get!


Use freebies to increase your subscriber list. Hype those freebies on Instagram stories, and make people sign up for your newsletter through that. When someone signs up for your freebie (by the way - always double check on all your workflows so people actually receive your freebie!), give them tips that go along the way in their next emails. Keeping consistent resources coming their way is a great way to gain trust and build an organic audience.

How to sell in an email

It’s going to be (nearly) impossible to sell something in your first email. You have to warm up your audience, have a conversation with them to avoid any awkward situations. Best example for that are those booths in the mall that want to curl your hair which creates this "Oh, I know I haven't talked to you in a while, but come buy this from me," situation. Communicating consistently and having great conversations and offering free advice, that’s the basis for selling something. For example, if your newsletter shared advice around social media topics, those emails are a great place to start to then eventually tease (or share early signup codes) for any social media training that you sell. Make sure to talk about it multiple times too!

Email sending stagefright

Terrified of sending your first email? You aren’t alone! Chances are, you care a lot about your subscriber amount and we are here to tell you - toss that thought out of the window! People signed up for your newsletter because they resonate with the content you put out there. If at some point they don’t care anymore or change their interests, they will most likely just not open your email and not hit unsubscribe. Because readers like the possibility of still seeing it if they want to - and not just missing out completely.

Subject lines

Please - and we mean this - please don’t use clickbait subject lines. Monitor your opening rates in terms of how you made people feel with what you wrote about. Also monitoring how you feel about some newsletters’ subject lines that arrive in your inbox and that you open, that’s also a great way to see what made you feel a certain way and that’s why you opened that email.

Schedule of emails

Play around with times and keep an eye out on your opening rate. You might want to spontaneously send newsletters when you feel inspired, too! Don’t overdo it by sending an excessive amount of emails a week - always remember, how many emails would you like to receive if you were on the other end of your own newsletter.

Tools to get started

There are many email tools available. The most common ones are Mailchimp and Flodesk. Flodesk makes it super easy to create workflows and aesthetically pleasing emails.

Any tools associated with email marketing for your business are a business expense and can be written off your taxes. Lunafi makes it easy to create a rule and get all your regular expenses classified automatically, that will save you time.

Keep expectations up

People expect to hear from you once they subscribe to your newsletter. Make sure your funnels are set up so at least two to three emails follow after they signed up for your freebie. You can even make it easier for yourself by not using dates like ‘in 2020’. That gives you the opportunity to repurpose your content and you can use it again in the future without having to go back into editing that email.

Attaliah Strubel is a lifestyle blogger and email marketing wizard.

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