How to Find a Gap in Your Industry and Turn it into a Successful Business

January 19, 2023
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Name: Kyle Waugh
Business Name: Waugh Personal Training LLC
Profession/Industry: Personal Training and Rehab Specialist

Links: Website | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter

Can you describe your business?

Waugh Personal Training LLC focuses on bridging the gap between musculoskeletal rehabilitation and fitness training in an online setting. Before I started my business I worked 10 plus years in a number of personal training gyms as a fitness trainer and physical therapy clinics as a licensed physical therapist assistant. I kept noticing the disconnect between helping people out of pain and truly matching their needs for performing in gym settings. As I wrestled with this I moved from Seattle to Cincinnati right as the Covid-19 pandemic hit. My new physical therapy job fell through and I was left without a source of income while living with my girlfriend in her parents’ basement. I felt like a deadbeat boyfriend antagonist you’d see in a romantic comedy. I had nothing but time and I decided I would put my experience to work. I started a website, posted articles and instagram posts, and spammed people’s DMs with “check-out my free assessment!” Within the first month of starting.

How did you land your first client?

I spammed Reddit with articles about posture and exercises to improve it. I got a lot of great feedback on some of the subreddits and through some free assessments I provided, landed my first client.

What difficulties did you face that you didn’t know you would when starting your business?

Learning how to market without fear mongering. Creating catchy hooks and quick fixes for people in fitness and rehab is pretty easy, but I find it actually leaves people slightly traumatized. Telling people to completely avoid bending their back in fear they may herniate a disc creates unnecessary barriers to someone living a healthy life with plenty of normal movement. It’s tough riding that line of being attention grabbing but still empowering in your messaging.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of running your own business?

Building a community that is like minded and seeks to better the industry and other humans.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone who is considering starting a business in your industry?

Show your true personality. Don’t worry about what big influencers or other local trainers are doing. Double down on you and what you understand to be effective for your clients. It may be hard at first, but it’s raw, genuine, and will attract like minded clients that you love working with.

How can someone reach out to you?

If you want to work with me one-on-one, I provide free 30-minute assessments on my website, you can send me an email at, or just shoot me a DM on Instagram.

What made you start using Lunafi?

My wife knew I hated Quickbooks and sent me an IG post of an entrepreneur using your tool. I loved how simple it looked yet you were able to classify transactions more specific than any other tool out there. Plus, purple is my favorite color.

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