Lunafi offers freelance bookkeeping!

March 25, 2021
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We believe freelancing is the future of work, and we want to empower them with the different financial tools they need to run their business so that they can focus on what really matters for their actual work and live the lifestyle they dream of.

We have talked to over a hundred skilled freelancers for the past year and built a new and simplified way of managing freelance business finances according to their needs and priorities. We have been testing Lunafi for the last couple of months with a closed beta group to create the perfect user experience. We wanted to make sure you have the perfect tool for freelance bookkeeping.

Today, we are so excited to announce that Lunafi is now available to all freelancers in the U.S. on the Apple AppStore.

- What tools should I use for the essentials of my business?

A question every freelancer probably asked themselves or fellow freelancers at the beginning of their freelance career. Many dreams of being their boss, choosing their clients, work from wherever they want, whenever they want. Yet, they still need to deal with all aspects of business management.

We discovered that among all others, the most common problem of freelancers is about taxes. It is difficult to estimate what to pay for taxes for 1099 business income. Trying to figure out what a business expense is and searching for a “freelance cpa near me'' can be annoying since the IRS doesn't have strict guidelines. That’s where freelance bookkeeping can help.

That's why we decided Lunafi should start helping freelancers manage their expenses while seeing real-time tax views instead of them having to hunt for a “freelance cpa near me” every time they have a question around taxes.

With Lunafi, you can:

  • Connect your checking and credit card accounts securely to start managing your expenses and business income.
  • See your 1099 self-employment and federal income tax estimation.
  • Know how much you will save with each business expense without the need for knowing IRS's deduction rules.
  • Uncover more write-offs personalized to your freelance profession.
  • Save time by automating your bookkeeping tasks.

Hear what our users are saying about Lunafi

"I appreciate how I can see a real-time breakdown of my profits and estimated taxes, so I feel more confident knowing where I stand financially."

- Hillary, Writer.

"The simplistic and approachable layout of the app makes it enjoyable to use."

- Dylan, Videographer.

"Lunafi helps me daily record and track my expenses. I love having a central viewpoint into my day to day business finances."

- Max, Squarespace Designer.

"Lunafi has helped me manage my income and expenses regularly instead of the typical scramble to review everything at tax season."

- Denelle, Yoga Instructor.

Join the Lunafi freelance community today and start saving more time for focusing on what you love about your job. It is now available to every freelancer. Try it for free for a limited time only!

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